Al-Hayah International


A Word From The Chairman

What We Achieved Today Is Not From A Vacuum, But Rather Thanks To God First And Then Thanks To The Efforts Made By Qualified And Trained Human Cadres Working Behind The Scenes Calmly, Patiently And With Passion, Within A Clear Vision And Strategy For The Company, And Because Of Our Belief That The Success Of The Company Is A Success Of The Individual, And Since The Year 1986 AD And Until Now The Trade In Yemen Witnessed Qualitative Leaps, Especially In The Late Twentieth Century And The Beginning Of The Twenty-first Century, Which Took Various Pictures, Which Helped The Yemeni Trade To Open Up To The Global Markets And Import Broad-spectrum Products Of Sweets, Chocolates, Biscuits And High Quality Tea From Well-known International Food Companies And Specifications Global To Occupy An Advanced Position. The Main Values ​​and Principles Drawn By The Late Founding Father Of The Concession (Qassem Yahya Abdo Jalab) That We Established After Him And Believe In It And Work Under Its Umbrella Are Our Weapons In Our Coming Days, Which Have Not Been And Will Not Be As Easy And Simple As Some People Think And We Are Ready For Challenges And Are Ready To Do Everything Necessary To Advance More More And More To Satisfy The Needs And Desires Of Our Consumers.